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Born 1989 in Istanbul Beyoglu, I moved at the age of 5 to germany with my family. My artistic background leads to my early drawings as a child and as I was 7 years old, I wanted to make a dinosaur movie so bad, that I started to sketch and build dinosaur robots. My story development got a high drive as I discovered manga and anime. I started to draw my own storys and later did my first short films. The hobby slowly became a future plan.

After school in 2007, I tried to make a higher degree at an economics school, but left early to start my education at a small drama school as a director. In this time period, I had my first acting experience on stage. After leaving the school in 2011 without making the graduation, I started to work as an allrounder.

From end of 2011 to mid 2013 I've worked first as a intern and later as trainee at PIXOMONDO as a VFX compositor on shows like Game of Thrones and RUSH. As my contract came close to expire, I decided to not extend it and go back to directing and acting.

2014 after two months of working with GAME ONE in Hamburg as a director, I moved to potsdam and became a freelance actor, director and vfx artist. Since then I've worked in many positions like storyboarding, animating, VFX, acting, writing, directing, producting and also started my own first big thing, RetroGarde in 2016, for which my team and I've won the first price of Yourturn Award endowed with 25.000€,  I'm still working on.

All the time from my early drawings to the experiences I was lucky to gain, I became a generalist, with great understanding of nearly every process of filmmaking.