I made my first steps as a director with four short films I shot all in 2010 during my time at drama school. My style has always been very raw and action packed with sci-fi elements. So far I have produced almost exclusively myself and rarely submitted to festivals. My works are always well received by the audience, and I think of them first and foremost. 

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Written directed and edited by me in 2013 with only 150€ budget, the short film was just submitted to a handful of festivals, but still was nominated once. Over the years, I WALK ALONE gained solid popularity on Youtube, where it was watched more than 160.000 times.


In 2010, while my time at the drama school, I read my first screenwriting book from Linda Seeger followed by Syd Field, Robert McKee and so on. Since then, I try to improve my skills in writing and structure everytime possible.

To this time, I mainly worked on my own projects and was a consultant for friends. So I don't have professional work in my CV as a writer/story developer. To compensate this, I wrote and storyboarded a 10 pages Fan-Script in the Blade Runner universe as a working example, you can download here.